What is a Fidget Spinner?

A fidget spinner simply put is a toy that one uses to fidget with. Some people click pens, some people play with coins or fumble with things in their pockets. Fidget spinners are designed to give us "fidgeters" something to do with our hands that is satisfying. But, a fidget spinner doesn't just have to spin, it can look good while its spinning. That's where Medieval Metals comes in!

Why are Fidget Spinners so expensive?

Some fidget spinners are more expensive than others for several reasons. The number one reason some are more expensive is because of materials and the time they take to machine. Using a CNC machine is very expensive. It also requires many hours to design a fidget spinner and program a CNC machine. Material costs can also be very expensive. For instance many of our parts are made from hard metals like stainless steel or titanium. These metals erode tools much quicker which leads to higher prices. We also use the best bearings in the industry and to be frank... they just aren't cheap. But we promise you won't be disappointed. 

Do you accept  returns?

Thats a great question. We want you to be happy with your purchase. You should never be disappointed with one of our products. However, we understand that we cannot be perfect all the time and accidents do happen. If you would like to return your fidget spinner because of a defect we ask that you contact us within 7 days. Unfortunately, some people have taken advantage of our return policy before and while we want to protect your hard earned money, we need to protect ours as well. WE DO NOT REFUND SHIPPING!!! That being said we doubt you will need to rely on our return policy but if you do we try our best to make you happy.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

Yes, but only for 48 hours from the time of your pre-order purchase! Because our business is run on tight margins we provide several expensive products on a limited pre-order basis. It is important that before you decide participate in one of our pre-orders that you are sure you can afford to do so. After 48 hours we have a strict no cancelation period. This is because after 48 hours we have already begun to purchase all of the necessary materials to make the products that were pre-ordered. If you receive a pre-order product and you feel it is defective we ask to see a video and pictures of the defect. It is at our soul discretion whether or not we believe the product to be defective.

What is spinner wobble?

Several fidget spinner enthusiasts love to do "One finger spins". They like to spin the fidget spinner and then watch it revolve on a single (usually index) finger. When doing so its possible that depending upon the size, weight, thumb pad type, balance etc. that you may experience some wobble. A wobble is when the spinner may vibrate or move erratically during one finger spins. If you are wanting to return your fidget spinner because you noticed some wobble we ask that you send us a short video of the type of wobble you are experience. We can usually diagnose if the level of wobble you are experiencing is within the normal range or a manufacturing defect. If we determine it is a manufacturing defect and is severe we will offer to replace your spinner. We do ask that you send us your damaged spinner back to us.

Vibration Vs. Wobble and Returns

We will always offer a refund or replacement if you are experience severe wobble. What do we determine as sever wobble? Severe wobble is determined by the ability to hold the spinner without it removing itself from your finger. during a low speed spin. Most of our spinners are bar spinners and are not typically designed for one finger spins but they should achieve them with some or no vibration. Please send us a video of the wobble you believe you are experiencing and we can diagnose the issue.

What is the difference between R188 and 608 bearings?

When fidget spinners were first becoming popular most new makers started out with 608 bearings. The 608 bearing is normal found in skateboard wheels or roller blade wheels. They are great bearings but as time moved on makers realized that the R188 bearing is far superior. R188 bearings are a half inch in diameter and are extremely popular in the Yo Yo community. They spin for much longer periods of time and are smoother and quieter than 608 bearings. 

Is my Nuke supposed to be this way?

The Nuke design is one of the hardest spinners in existence to machine. In fact there is no way to mass produce the design and there for each Nuke has its own unique qualities. Because the Nuke is machined on a one off basis it can result in variations in certain parts of the design. This is especially true for harder metals like Tungsten a Stainless Steel. The arms of the Nuke are milled using a Kettering process in order to smooth the angles which are 51 degrees. This means it takes almost 4 times as long to mill a Nuke as most other spinners in order to blend the machining marks. Due to these extreme angles it is almost impossible to hold the Nuke while machining the opposite and reverse sides. If you believe there is something off or wrong with your Nuke please send us a picture and we will determine if it is normal or not. 

Do I need to clean or dry my bearings?

To answer this question depends on a few things. Eventually everyone will need to clean their bearings regardless of what kind of fidget spinner you have. If you have one of our 608 bearing spinners you will need to dry your bearings upon receiving it in order to achieve maximum spin times. See our "Dry Your Bearings" page to learn how to dry your 608 bearings. Our R188 bearing spinners however already come pre-dryed. As mentioned before though bearings are inevitably going to become contaminated and decrease in spin time. You will need to clean your bearings and remove any lubrication at this point in time. 

What is a bearing lock system?

A bearing lock system is an integral threaded system inside of a fidget spinner which allows the bearing to float inside of the fidget spinner in order to reduce friction and allow for longer spin times. More importantly this means the bearings are no longer held in by an adhesive or pressure and allows the user to easily replace the bearings with a new set or upgrade to a better bearing at any time. 

International Shipping Insurance & Fees?

At this time we will currently ship anywhere in the world but we are not responsible for lost international packages nor will we refund for international packages that are lost or damaged. We try to provide shipping service through other providers such as FedEx and UPS but it is at our sole discretion to use USPS for international shipping. We will always provide a tracking number for international parcel services but understand that this is at your own risk. 

Who are we?

Medieval Metals is located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. We may have only been in business since 2015 but our craftsmanship makes us look like we've been around for a century. We make a variety of small metal products but we are always looking for something new to create. In later 2016 we began making Fidget Spinners and quickly realized our customers loved our work. Now we are in full production and want to keep providing you with the best product we can.

We are looking forward to having you as a customer. We don't just want a transaction we want to impress you so you become a fan. If you have suggestions we would love to hear them. If you have a problem we definitely want to hear from you. And if you just want to say "Hi!" we would like that too!

(All orders are custom made and good things take time. Please be patient with me as I am a one man shop. If you ever have any questions do not hesitate to ask!)
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