Due to the number of people following us on Instagram I have been looking for a better way to mass communicate with you all. While I will still try to answer questions and comments on instagram and email as quickly as possible, for general updates and major changes I will be providing information on this page. 


Saturday May 27, 2017

As we move towards Amazon with the FS-8 model we are going to run a series of sales to determine the most appropriate pricing format. Working with some Amazon consultants has proven to be helpful and we want to provide more people with a quality metal spinner at an affordable price. Please bare with us as we navigate the pricing structure and determine how to best move forward with the FS-8.

Remaining Nuke orders for Brass and Copper are currently in production with our new manufacturing partner in Michigan and we are really happy with the results. Those of you waiting on their orders from the last pre-order we appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to give you only the best product we know we are capable of making. We know its been a long wait, but the Copper and Brass Nukes will be shipped to you first and should be headed your way with in the next 12-14 days. 

Moving forward there has been a lot of interest in a Chinese made Nuke for a lower price point. there are some significant differences between the USA made Nukes and the Chinese Nukes but we are not yet certain we want to make the Nuke in China for a cheaper version. It should be noted that there will always be USA made Nukes that require individual attention to detail and only the highest quality materials. We are still debating how to move forward but as always we appreciate your input.

Monday May 1, 2017

Just a quick update for those of you waiting on the last few orders I have to ship from April. The last round of nukes have had some issues and I have moved away from raw machined finish. Having switched to a leading aerospace machinist I have seen a drastic improvement in finish quality and accuracy to design. Bearing holes have been switched to a semi press fit so their will be no gap issues but over all these are turning out to be some of the best spinners I have seen on the market. So if you are waiting on a Nuke it is because I do not want you to have anything less then the best of what is currently in the works. I am literally tossing around 300 nukes because after seeing the difference in quality from our new machinist partners there is just no comparison. So current orders needing to be fulfilled and future orders will all be receiving the newest version or as I have been referring to it Nuke 2.0! 

As for the FS8 R188 orders they are coming shortly and are almost finished. If you have not already received your $30 refund that will happen as I ship them so I can keep better track of who has been refunded. 

On a positive note while the April/May transition has been bumpy I believe the quality improvements have skyrocketed past what I have could have ever hoped for to a true precision made set of spinners. The tungsten Nuke is literally going to blow minds! And because we are moving towards a ship on demand style system eliminating most needs for pre-orders with exception to exotic materials I also believe most of you will be thrilled with the new speed in which your spinners are delivered.

By the way the Damascus Nuke is currently in pre-production and the first version will be made in the next 2-3 weeks and then we will start the official pre-order. 

Thanks for your patience guys and looking forward to serving you the best I can. As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to shoot me an email through the website!



Friday April 21, 2017

April pre-orders are in full manufacturing swing! The majority of the FS-8's should be shipped this coming week. Several of the Nukes will also ship this coming week. I'm running a little light on the titanium pads for Nukes so if you would like a set of brass pads instead that will speed up the shipping process. Just shoot me an email. That being said I am expecting the remaining Nuke titanium pads in under two weeks which will get us back on track. 

As most of you know I have started using third party manufacturers recently to help with the workload as I could not keep up on my own with the orders. I have found a reliable manufacturer to help with the exotic metal jobs and they are AMAZING!  This will allow future projects like Mokuti/Timascus Nukes to become a reality. The quality level of the Nuke is getting even better and more perfected as we move forward as we have moved towards using our new partner to produce all of our Nukes. They have experience with very fine machining in the medical and aerospace industries. 

So what is in the works and coming in the near future:

In the Works:

April 1st Pre-Orders: Priority Number #1

Tungsten Nuke: Shipping end of May

New FS-8 with R188 Bearing Housing ($39) Available in 3 weeks

(If you ordered a FS-8 R188 version, you will be getting an email concerning a $30 refund for each FS-8 R188 you ordered. This will mean you are still getting your FS-8 R188 version but at the new price! The overseas model is far superior to the USA made version and there is no sense in making a more expensive inferior product.) 

Coming Soon:

Huge Nuke Drop - Brass, SS, Copper & TITANIUM!!! (Mid May)

Timascus/Mokuti R188 Thumbpads (Mid May)

Timascus/Mokuti R188 Nuke (Working on time frame)

Damascus - Spirograph Nukes

Thanks guys





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